Professional People
in a Professional Setting

You will find professionals of character, delivering great service,
at the Brunswick Business Center, just as they have for over 100 years.

Businesses Located at the Brunswick Business Center

  • Strategic Talent Management offers a full suite of solutions to solve your people challenges. Our core service areas are Planning, Leadership, Recruiting and Succession. Meet Art Boulay, CEO, 207.373.9301–and Sue MacArthur, VP, 207.373.9312.
  • Bozzuto’s wholesale Food Distributor to Supermarkets from Maine to Maryland, meet Ray Jacques. 207.373.9308.
  • Meridian MSI provides engineering services to the government and industry. Meet Mark Kopyc, Chief Engineer. 207.373.9310.
  • Law Office of Bradford A. Pattershall is organized to provide principled, honest and effective representation to Maine residents and businesses in all phases of commercial, tort and criminal litigation. 207.373.9309.
  • Robert A. Staab  represents Northpoint Mortgage for midcoast and central Maine. To put his 25 years experience to work for you, call Bob at 207.373.9300.
  • Resurrection Golf operates a number of golf courses and restaurants in Maine, including Highland Green Golf Club, Penobscot Valley Country Club, Old Marsh Country Club, The Bath Golf Club, The Wild Duck Pub and The Ship City Brew Pub. 207.405-2000.
  • Regent Financial Services  for investment management and advisory services, meet Fred Burgess. 207.725.6929 or 866.260.6929.
  • Pine Island Camp, a traditional summer camp on Belgrade Lakes, Maine for boys 9 to 15 has their administrative offices here. 207.729.7714.
  • Grilljam, LLC is Graham Nash. Graphic + Web + Email Design. Graham works with clients to create new or improve existing identities for their organizations207.536.2414.
  • Meet Matthew Bowe, Attorney at Law, specializing in criminal defense.  207.373.9314.
  • Lori Boulay is the CFO at Strategic Talent Management where she is available to your company to fill in for key roles, handle accounting and financial management projects, or train your staff to help you attain your financial objectives. Direct Line:207.798.1732.
  • Tom Santaguida is the managing partner of Dirigo Investigations & Security, LLC. Dirigo offers professional investigations for insurance, corporate, professional, legal and private sectors. 207.373.9317.
  • Phenix Title Services has their Brunswick office here. You may reach Dee-Dee Whittemore at 207.241.0514.
  • Butler Law Offices, meet Elizabeth Butler, a premier corporate attorney. 207.373.9313.
  • Vanessa A. Bartlett, Counselor at Law. Vanessa is a general practice with specialties in family and elder practice with offices here and in Portland.  Direct Line: 207.553-3966, and 207.721.0022.
  • Howard Yanik, Office of Strategic Services /HY Security offers special investigations and fraud investigation services. Reach him at 207.373.9300.
  • Law Offices of Barbara Cray offers services in Family, Commercial and Business Law.  Reach Barbara at 650.654.2729.
  • Academy of Medical Professionals provides certification in a wide range of roles in the medical profession. Meet Amy Alexander and reach her at 207.721.0714.
  • Paul O’Brien of Paul O’Brien Services provides high quality building renovation and restoration work. He has done a good deal of work at the business center.  Direct Line: 207.650.1187.

Special Attractions

  • Stop by to see original art, photographs and sculpture created by local artists in our gallery; contact Points of View.

Businesses in or near Brunswick, Maine

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A Building in Time

Walk into Brunswick Business Center today and you’ll see stained glass that others have enjoyed for 100 years.During renovation in 2004 we carefully preserved these beautiful gifts from the past.

The building was built by Charles Eaton and his wife in 1911–and he had his Dentist practice where our lobby is today. In WWII the building was a boarding house, known as Eaton Manor. During renovation we found a postcard in the wall showing Eaton Manor as it existed in 1940.

From a 1961 photo the building serves as Brunswick Savings and Loan. According to the sign out front, accounts were insured to $10,000 and you could get ‘up to’ 4% interest (a nice deal at today’s paltry interest rates!). From the 1970s until we transformed the building it was home to social services agencies including Sweetser.

On the outside you’ll see a building that has withstood the forces of time and arrived in this century strong and proud, its original architecture largely intact. On the inside, we’ve preserved the general floor plan even as we rebuilt everything from floor to ceiling. We maintained a sense of history, while creating a modern and welcoming business environment that is Flexible, Functional and Supportive.

We succeeded, please come by and see for yourself.

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