Room 322

Cozy and quiet closet office, no windows – third floor, 80 square feet, ideal for remote workers on a budget

Brunswick Business Center offers a wide range of meeting and conference space conveniently located . We provide the image you are looking for at a price point you control. As your needs change over time, we adapt and grow with you. “Mix and Match” from these basic services…let us work in your business while you work on your business:

  • Full Time 24/7 as a full time permanent office
  • Part Time occasional use for meetings and quiet work area
  • Virtual Office phone answering, mail drop, and we handle your walk-ins
  • Drop In use of our 10 Person fully equipped Conference Room, small meeting rooms or office space…by the hour, by the day, or for a few months at a time


  • Full time reception
  • Administrative support
  • Personalized phone answering
  • Centralized printing, faxing, copying and scanning
  • High speed internet (50mbps x 50mbps)
  • IP phones and long distance
  • Full A/V services in Eaton Board Room
  • Conference room for 10
  • Meeting rooms
  • Electronic security systems
  • Cat 6 cable for voice and data; plus Wi-fi
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Name on street sign
  • Free Parking

Come in during business hours (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) for a guided tour of the Center. 373-9300